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How Can Your Business Develop A Creative Marketing Strategy During These Uncertain Times?

Is your business struggling to develop a creative marketing strategy during these uncertain times? You are not alone, as many wonder what their business should do to stay present on social media platforms.

To learn more, we turned to the Social Media Marketing Podcast hosted by Social Media Examiner.

During these times, consumers are scared to visit local businesses, especially those where individuals will be close together. So, what should business do?

First, it is important to consistently show-up for your audience. This includes taking a proactive marketing approach and reminding your customers that you are still here for them, and will continue to be there for them after this is over.

Second, focus on putting out content that is educational. Bruce Irving, a local business expert, suggests coming up with some sort of “show”. This show could be weekly or daily, but should be shared on your business’s social media accounts. While live videos tend to be more authentic, sharing pre-recorded videos will also work. It’s all about putting yourself out there. Certain businesses have also found success selling products that coincide with their videos. An example of this is selling a cooking kit with a cooking class video.

This time is also a great opportunity for businesses to look at their business operations and see if there's a way to create better practices.

People are spending more time on social media, so it is crucial for your business to use your platforms to the best of your ability. Focus on being transparent with your audience and show them the steps your business is taking to ensure safety.

To read the entire notes from this podcast episode, visit:

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