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How Can Your Business Begin Its Marketing Efforts On LinkedIn?

While many marketers are effectively using Facebook and Instagram for their business, some struggle to find a place for LinkedIn in their marketing strategy. According to Hootsuite, LinkedIn's engagement has increased 50%, year over year. This is great news for your business, as it seems that LinkedIn is setting its users up for success.

So, how can your business begin its marketing efforts on LinkedIn?

First, you want to make sure that your LinkedIn Business Profile has all of its basics set-up. This includes:

  • Having a high-quality profile picture

  • Customizing your contact information and utilizing keywords

  • Using videos to increase engagement and allowing your audience to get to know you and your work better

  • Sharing education and awards

Once you have finalized the basics on your LinkedIn Business Profile, your marketing team should focus on advertising. Using the targeting tools that LinkedIn offers, your business can target your ads to individuals who may be interested the most. LinkedIn has a tool called LinkedIn Matched Audiences. According to Social Media Examiner, LinkedIn Matched Audiences help your business retarget website visitors, market to contracts from your customer databases and marketing automation platforms, and reach decision-makers at target companies.

Overall, LinkedIn is an ideal platform for your business to collaborate with other professionals, share your business’s work and target ads to your audience.

Ready to start marketing your business on LinkedIn?

At Vlast Marketing, we specialize in creating consistent and engaging social media content.

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